Personal Yoga

Personal Yoga Soraya

Do you want to start yoga and have correct alignment from the ground up? Or do you have physical limitations and want tips on how to practice yoga in a safe way for you? Or do you want to challenge yourself more than in a regular group class and learn more advanced asanas?

No matter what your concern is, you will be able to deepen and refine your yoga practice in an individually tailored yoga session.

What awaits you in a Personal Yoga Session:

  • Yoga individually tailored to your needs and your body
  • Learning yoga practices (meditation, pranayama, asana, mudras, mantras …) and yoga philosophy as desired
  • Verbal adjustments (online) or hands-on adjustments (offline) in the asanas for correct execution
  • Practical tips from my own many years of experience as a yogini and yoga teacher
  • Tuning in and winding down together

The personal training takes place online via Zoom or offline if we live in the same city. After booking, we agree on the day and time individually.

Let’s meet on the mat!

About my Personal Yoga Path

I started with yoga in my student days in 2013. Over the years, I have practised yoga sometimes more and sometimes less, and one year in between even not at all due to my intense Master studies. In 2019, I finally completed a multi-style yoga teacher training in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga in India – actually with the aim of learning even more about the yoga philosophy. When I was back in Cologne, Germany, where I was living back then, I had the idea to give outdoor yoga in the park on a donation basis. After that, I was able to gradually teach in various studios as substitute and also had my own regular classes (offline and online). At the beginning of 2021, I completed an additional training in Bhakti Vinyasa Flow yoga and in 2022, I also completed a Kundalini yoga teacher training. These styles and many other spiritual tools influence my own practice and my classes. Further yoga training will certainly follow in the upcoming years, as the world of yoga continues to fascinate me always anew.

I can no longer imagine my life without yoga. It is like an anchor at any time, a tool to come to myself, to be with and in myself and to experience the body in unity with mind and soul. For me, yoga is now also more than what can be seen on the mat. Yoga is like a state of mind and a lifestyle at the same time. When I talk to others about how they came to yoga and what yoga has already done for them, I am always fascinated by this ancient Indian philosophy and practice.

My yoga path is far from over. I will always be a student, even if I am a teacher.