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You are tired of it. You no longer want to put on masks or take on roles that hide your true beauty. Your most ardent wish is to finally live in harmony with your essence and your heart and to embody your truth with all your heart.

How long do you want to hide and keep yourself small?

In the current quality of time, intensified since 2020, many souls are searching for their truth. And so are you – otherwise you would not have found your way here. You have realised that you have been pretending to be someone else or hiding parts of you for years, maybe in a certain area of life, but maybe also in several areas of life. You realise that you have put your own needs and desires on the side and followed the collective opinion. You may have wanted to please others, belong to a certain group, or make your parents happy. And in doing so, you lost yourself and your uniqueness. But now you feel this light within you stronger than ever before. You feel ready to finally step out and let your true light shining.

Do you allow yourself to live your truth?

Truth embodiment is about coming closer to your truth at the level of your soul and heart and anchoring it so deeply within yourself that you no longer have to think about it, but rather carry it outwards as a matter of course through your whole being and activity – in other words: to embody it holistically.

You will look at your current situation in all areas of life and clearly define the desired state of your being. We will explore in depth what makes you special with the help of your astrological birth chart, Human Design chart, and Gene Keys profile, among other things. And we will identify and release limiting blockages on a physical, energetic, mental, emotional, or spiritual level that are currently holding you back from embodying your truth.

Through meditation, visualisation, and energy work you anchor your truth at a cellular level. Practice is very important in embodiment. Therefore, through practical tasks and exercises we will strengthen your self-confidence and self-assurance, enabling you to live your essence and truth authentically.

Through Telegram/WhatsApp support you will also receive impulses and answers to your questions between the sessions.

Finally, I record a meditation especially designed for you, with which you can connect again and again with your unique soul essence and truth.

Truth Embodiment

What to expect from Truth Embodiment:

  • 12 sessions of 60 minutes each within 6 months
  • Essential information and impulses from your astro chart, Human Design chart, and Gene Keys profile
  • Identifying your current situation and defining your target situation in relation to living your truth in all areas of life
  • Releasing core blockages that prevent you from living your truth
  • The abundance of my holistic tool box tailored specifically to you to embody your truth (including meditations, visualisations, channellings, journaling questions, shadow work, energy work, embodiment practices …)
  • Additional Telegram/WhatsApp support via text and voice (Monday to Friday)
  • A personalised meditation as an audio file that reminds you again and again of your unique gifts and your wonderful soul path

After the Truth Embodiment …

  • … you have a very good sense of what your truth is in the first place.
  • … you know which parts of yourself you want to realise.
  • … you have identified and released decisive limiting beliefs, patterns, attachments, blockages, and shadows that have previously prevented you from living your essence and truth.
  • … you can make clearer and faster decisions in harmony with your essence and truth.
  • … you live connected to your own truth in your heart to walk your soul’s path with confidence.
  • … you know your place in the Universe and how you function in the whole.
  • … you have tools at hand with which you can continue to work for yourself in order to embody your truth more and more.

Let’s spark your truth!