Soul Mentoring

You know that there is so much more within you. There is still so much hidden that you would like to let blossom and bring into the world. And yet you don’t know what it is exactly and how to release it.

What if you understood yourself in depth?

You incarnated here on Earth with special gifts and talents and follow a unique soul plan that allows you to have the experiences you choose. Knowing what your essence is and where your journey is taking you connects you powerfully with yourself and gives you a better understanding of your being and work in the world. This knowledge in turn allows you to live a fulfilled life full of joy and ease in alignment with the Universe.

You are ready to unlock your soul essence?

Then come with me on the journey of Soul Mentoring.

Soul Mentoring

In a Soul Mentoring, we first look at your birth chart to find your dispositions and abilities, your dominant life topics, your soul path and clues to your life purpose. This reading is a starting point to create understanding for yourself and to see what you are already living and what you are still allowed to integrate. Because your birth chart is like a blueprint of your essence.

Through subsequent Soul Sessions, we will explore your beliefs, behavioural patterns and entanglements, as well as your shadow issues that are blocking you from your true being. We will release crucial blockages – be it on a physical, energetic, mental, emotional or spiritual level – so that you can come into your true power. We will also use your birth chart again and again in the sessions to recognise important topics – especially transits provide information about the topics that need to be resolved or integrated in your life at the moment.

Through Telegram or WhatsApp support, you will also receive impulses and answers to your questions between the sessions.

At the end you will receive a meditation that I will record especially for you, which you can listen to again and again beyond the mentoring in order to connect with your soul essence.

What awaits you in a Soul Mentoring:

  • 6 Soul Sessions of 60 minutes each within 3 months (every 2nd week) or 12 Soul Sessions of 60 minutes each within 3 months (every 2nd week), including an Astro Chart Reading as a starting point
  • Additional Telegram/WhatsApp support via text and voice (Monday to Friday)
  • A personalised meditation as an audio file that reminds you again and again of your unique gifts and your wonderful soul path

After the Soul Mentoring …

… you know which assets, abilities and life topics you bring with you.

… you recognise connections in your life.

… you have released decisive beliefs/behavioural patterns/entanglements that have blocked you from living your truth.

… you live more consciously in your own power.

… you know your place in the Universe and how you function in the whole.

… you can make clearer and faster decisions in harmony with your essence.

… you have tools at hand with which you can work for yourself beyond the mentoring.

The mentoring takes place online via Zoom. After booking, we agree on the day and time individually. Mentoring are available in English and German.

To calculate your birth chart, I need your birthday, your time of birth and your place of birth at least one week before the coaching. If you don’t know your time of birth, ask your parents, look at your birth certificate or ask at the registry office of your place of birth.

Let’s connect with your deepest essence!