Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching

Do you want to reconnect with your true essence? Do you wish to use your life force to the fullest, but don’t know how? Are you curious about how your energy can flow in harmony with the Universe?

You are born with an infinite energy of life. You are free, unique and full of wonder. You can create, manifest, and transform things. Your life force strives for unfoldment and perfection. But we often forget what precious gifts we bring with us and how powerful and mighty our creative power is. And often we forget that we are connected to everything and co-create with the Universe constantly.

A Soul Coaching is about discovering your true essence and remembering your connection to Source so that you can recognise your wonderful gifts and bring them into the world. In the process, you will get to know yourself more deeply and release blockages, beliefs, patterns and entanglements that prevent you from truly living your soul path.

What awaits you in a Soul Coaching:

  • A deep dive into your personal structure from an astrological perspective
  • Comparison of your current life situation with your inherent truth
  • Releasing beliefs, behaviour patterns and karmic entanglements to come into your true power

After the Soul Coaching …

… you know which assets, abilities and life topics you bring with you into this life.

… you can make clearer and faster decisions in harmony with your essence.

… you know your place in the Universe and how you function in the whole.

The coaching takes place online via Zoom. After booking, we agree on the day and time individually. Coachings are available in English and German.

To calculate your birth chart, I need your birthday, your time of birth and your place of birth at least one week before the coaching. If you don’t know your time of birth, ask your parents, look at your birth certificate or ask at the registry office of your place of birth.

Let’s connect with your magic!