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You feel that deep inside there is already a new version of yourself. It shows itself through feelings, thoughts, images, reflections and synchronicities on the outside. And yet there is still this old version of you that holds on to the believes, habits and security of the comfort zone.

To what extent are you already living your next version of yourself?

Your identity is the sum of the definitions you give to yourself. We give ourselves an identity in order to recognise who we are and distinguish us from others. This identity or version of yourself is constantly changing, because with every experience and realisation you see yourself and the world a little differently. But sometimes we have remained in one identity for so long that the new version of us is already eagerly waiting to finally be liberated and lived. This is especially the case when you have separated yourself from your essence and truth, when you do not follow your innermost soul impulses, and when you prefer to stick to the status quo out of fear.

Identity Shifting

Are you ready to shift?

Identity shifting is about shifting from your current identity into your new identity – that version of yourself that you may already feel inside. You will look closely at your as-is identity and clearly define your to-be identity. So clearly that you holistically know exactly what this version of yourself is and how to embody it in real life.

Your identity should ideally correspond to your essence. Because then you live as the Universe has designed you. To understand your essence, we will therefore use your astrological birth chart and Human Design chart as help. These concepts give clues to your dispositions and abilities, your dominant life topics and challenges, your soul path and purpose, and much more.

After the as-is and to-be definition, we build the bridge by identifying and releasing limiting beliefs, behaviour patterns, attachments, and other shadows that are currently blocking you from stepping into your new identity. These blockages can be on a physical, energetic, mental, emotional, or spiritual level.

Through Telegram/WhatsApp support you will also receive impulses and answers to your questions between the sessions.

What to expect from Identity Shifting:

  • 6 sessions of 60 minutes each within 3 months
  • Essential information and impulses from your astro chart, Human Design chart
  • Identifying your as-is identity and defining to-be identity
  • Releasing core blockages that keep you stuck in your current version
  • The abundance of my holistic tool box tailored specifically to you to tap into your new identity (including meditations, visualisations, channellings, journaling questions, shadow work, energy work, embodiment practices …)
  • Inspiration and motivation for practical implementation to really live your new identity visibly in reality
  • Additional Telegram/WhatsApp support via text and voice (Monday to Friday)

After the Identity Shifting …

  • … you know exactly where you are and where you want to go.
  • … you recognise to what extent you have been living against your original essence.
  • … you see your new identity clearly and holistically in front of your eyes.
  • … you have identified and released decisive limiting beliefs, patterns, attachments, blockages, and shadows that have previously prevented you from living your new identity right now.
  • … you live consciously in a new version of yourself that is more in tune with your essence.
  • … you realise how you can use your own creative power to continuously create a new identity in a self-determined way whenever you want.
  • … you have tools at hand with which you can continue to work for yourself in order to get closer and closer to your true essence.

Let’s free your next level version!