Dive Deep with Me

Dive deep into your essence and the Universe. Let’s connet in a Discovery Call. All of my services are available in German and English.


Recognise your talents, abilities and potentials, unfold your light, connect with Source and live your true soul plan in alignment with the Universe.

Spiritual Yoga & Personal Yoga

Practice yoga with spiritual and astrological impulses in a group or start and optimise your practice with personal yoga tailored to your needs.


Discover yourself anew in different workshops in the areas of personal development, self-awareness, spirituality, intuitive dance and yoga.

Online Course Raw Vegan Diet

Find a healthy and suitable raw vegan diet for everyday life in a simple and self-determined way (only available in German).

Energy Cards „Yoga als Lebensweg“

Get inspired by the most important yoga terms with matching affirmations and symbols – yoga beyond the mat (only available in German).