Astro Yoga

In Astro Yoga, astrological principles such as the zodiac signs, planets, houses, elements, seasons, lunar cycles and time qualities are made tangible in the yoga practice. Asanas, meditations, visualisation exercises, breathing techniques as well as specific music and mantras are selected to match these themes. It does not matter whether someone has previous astrological knowledge or not. Everyone can feel energies that are being brought into movement and from unconsciousness to consciousness.

Through Astro Yoga, the understanding of how one’s own being is connected to the Universe and of the universal principles grows. Astro Yoga thus makes it possible in a miraculous, practical way to strengthen the unity with the Universe that we often forget in everyday life.

What awaits you in an Astro Yoga class:

  • Yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation, mantras …) according to the current time quality
  • Astrology basics
  • Different spiritual practices and rituals, depending on the topic
  • Spiritual self-experience and expansion of consciousness
  • Many magic moments

For inspiration on Astro Yoga (astrology and yoga), also have a look on my Instagram account: @yoga.with.the.universe.

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