Akasha Reading

Akasha Reading

Are you looking for answers to the challenges in your life? Are you ready to uncover and release outdated beliefs, behaviours and entanglements in order to live your truth? Do you wish to live more consciously from your heart in love and lightness?

The Akashic Chronicles form an all-encompassing, energetic „information library“ that contains all knowledge. Every human being has an Akashic Chronicle/Record, like a book in the Akashic library, which contains all experiences and relationships of past lives and the present life. The communication into the field of the Akashic Chronicles happens on an energy level and by means of impulses, signs, symbols, pictures and/or body sensations. This information is then translated into understandable language by a medium (in this case me). The Akashic Chronicles always speak out of love and in the highest good of your soul.

An Akasha Reading is about receiving answers from the Akashic Chronicles to questions about your life issues in order to reconnect with love and a higher perspective. The loving messages from the spiritual world offer valuable support to find insights into your situation and underlying causes, to better understand connections in your life, to recognise and release unconscious thought and behaviour patterns, and to get in touch with your inner truth and your soul plan.

In the Akashic Chronicles you can receive for example answers to questions on the following topics:

  • Occupation/vocation
  • Family, ancestors
  • Love, partnership, friendship, relationships
  • Health and well-being
  • Finances
  • Generally blockades, conflicts, dependencies, entanglements

What awaits you in an Akasha Reading:

  • Introductory prayer into the Akashic Chronicles
  • Clarification of your request or questions
  • Questioning the Akashic Chronicles through me as a medium
  • Working with what comes up
  • Depending on your concern, practical exercises beyond the reading
  • Integration of the new knowledge into your system

The reading takes place online via Zoom. After booking, we agree on the day and time individually. Readings are available in English and German.

Let’s connect with your spirit team!